Inpatient Rehabs in Chicopee, MA

When you look through your options for addiction rehab, the choice between inpatient and outpatient rehab is usually one of the first areas that you come upon where you need to make a call. In some cases, the choice is made for you. If you are a person who has experienced repeated relapse, or a person who suffers from both addiction and a mental disorder, you will usually need to look for inpatient rehabs in Chicopee.

When there are complications involved, it takes greater expertise and attention by addiction specialists and other professionals. The 24/7 nature of inpatient care tends to be well-suited. But what if you learn that you could choose either? How do you know which to choose?

What Do Inpatient Rehabs in Chicopee Do?

Outpatient rehab, which is usually considered the default choice, has you going through the rehab process by yourself. You live at home, go to work and do everything that you normally do; you also visit the rehab once a day for a few hours of addiction treatment in Chicopee and therapy, and, maybe, your methadone dose. The challenges of rehab -- the cravings, the withdrawal symptoms, the loneliness, the depression, the loss of heart and faith in yourself -- you face it all by yourself, or, perhaps, with your friends and family. When you lose motivation, as you are likely to often do, you need to fight it on your own, and make sure that you don't give in.

Inpatient rehab is a rehab plan where you check into a facility, where you live for the 30, 60 or 90 days that your program lasts. While you need to take a large leave of absence from your life and job to make this happen, there are definite benefits.

Abstinence becomes easier: When the discomfort and cravings of withdrawal strike, it can be all but impossible to resist the urge to go use. The only things keeping you from doing this are your motivation and, perhaps, your family.

It can be particularly hard, however, to build a new life in the familiar surroundings of home, where you've practiced substance abuse before. When you check into an inpatient rehab facility, you have a solution to each one of these challenges. You don't have the choice giving up, because of your drug-free facility; you have therapy and professional support at all times to help keep your mind on the ball, and importantly, you live in a place that's completely different from your home.

You have therapy in support: At an inpatient rehab facility staffed by professional therapists and caregivers who have specific experience in the addiction that you are fighting, there is deep knowledge you can tap anytime you feel your resolve slipping.

Emotional support, especially, can be invaluable. Your caregiver has professional training, becomes your friend, and always knows what to say. The therapist talks to you whenever you need help understanding what exactly is going on in your mind and how exactly you can find it.

You have your peer group: Being able to look at other rehab residents fighting the same fight as you, can help inspire. Even more importantly, you can make sure to choose rehab that offers treatment for special groups where you can feel more at home -- there are addiction inpatient rehab centers for people who belong to specific careers or sexual orientations.

Should You Choose Inpatient?

Inpatient rehab offers greater depth and range of care than regular outpatient rehab. It is understandably more expensive. Many health insurance plans do pay for patient rehab, however.

The best reason to accept inpatient rehab for addiction is that it comes with better success rates. People drop out of inpatient rehab courses at a fraction of the rate of outpatient programs. If you can afford it, inpatient rehab is always the better choice.

Finding the Best Inpatient Rehab

When you look for the best inpatient rehabs in Chicopee, it's important that you look for marks of competence and excellence. Recognition by CARF or another accrediting body is one good thing to look for. The term evidence-based rehab is another sign to look for. There are alternative and unproven rehab methods out there; it's important to go with evidence-based, or scientific rehab, to improve your chances of a full recovery. Call Chicopee Alcohol Treatment Centers now. (413) 224-3000.

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